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The Three Best Methods Of Termite Extermination

Termites are an all too common pest that plagues many Australian homes in both rural and urban areas. The problem is that they are nearly a ubiquitous species across the country which makes them so hard to completely eradicate. Luckily there are ways to clear them from individual properties, and there are different methods for different levels of infestation. If you have noticed some of these creepy crawlies and are looking at which termite extermination method you need, then here are the three of the most common options and a quick rundown of which situation they best apply to.


Termiticides are some of the most potent and overarching methods of termite extermination. Termiticides are types of pesticides that are specifically designed to target any and all termites in your house. This is for houses that have large populations of termites with many nests. Termiticides may be applied as a liquid on commonly sighted areas for termites and also around the base of your foundations to prevent any more termites from coming into your home. Applying termiticides can be quite intrusive to your home life, so it is best that you vacate the property for a few hours at least. Termiticides are not dangerous to humans when applied properly by an expert, but they are still not something to take lightly. 


Fumigation is a comprehensive method of destroying all termite populations in your home, but it is also the most abrasive. A large tent is constructed around your home and then the experts apply the chemicals, which kill all termites in short order. It is holistic because there is no area left untouched, but it also means that you have to leave your house for a few days while the fumes are properly ventilated. Once the fumes are all gone, there is often no trace that there even was any fumes to begin with because of how well they can be disguised. In the meantime, all the termites in your home are absolutely annihilated with no chance of survival. This is often the last resort for people sick of termites and works every time. 


Just like you can bait larger animals when hunting, you can also bait insects, albeit in a slightly different way. Some pieces of old wood or other material made of mostly cellulose are treated with chemicals deadly to termites and then placed in a place where the termites are known to frequent. This will then devastate the termite population and make it unviable for long, meaning that a well-placed piece of termite bait can be enough to take care of your problem. This is better for houses with smaller infestations, and if you catch it early, it can be enough to save the home all on its own. 

Speak with a professional about termite extermination methods.