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On the Move with Frozen Food: How to Move Interstate with Your Frozen Food in Tow

Moving is a stressful enough endeavour as it is without the sudden realization that you also have a whole freezer full of food to move along with the rest of your possessions. You can give some of it away before your move but all of it? Your move is already costly enough without wasting a fully stocked freezer worth of food.

But if you're moving interstate, how on earth do you move the contents of your freezer without it turning into a pile of mushy heartache?

Believe it or not, if done correctly, moving a freezer, fridge, or chest freezer with frozen food still inside is a simple matter that merely requires a little creativity.

A Full Freezer Is Better Than a Half-Empty Freezer

The first thing to remember is that according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a freezer full of food can retain its temperature for up to 48 hours. That number lowers to 24 hours for freezers that are only half-full.

Therefore, you should actually refrain from giving away any of your frozen food, and instead keep as much as possible for moving day. You could even stock up on more food to ensure your freezer retains its temperature for your move.

Of course, moving a full freezer will be something of a challenge, but if you are hiring a reputable removals company, you shouldn't have to worry about that.

Group Your Items Together to Help Retain Temperature

For freezers that are only half-full or less, group your items together. This will work in much the same way as an igloo, and help the group to retain its temperature better. However, try not to stack especially juicy foods, such as boxes of fish fingers, on top of other foods as should they start to thaw, the juices may contaminate the foods below.

Use Dry Ice to Keep Your Freezer Cold

Long before your move, visit a Costco or Target near you and enquire about dry ice. If they supply it, don't purchase the needed dry ice until the day of your move, otherwise, if you are moving long distance, you may not get as much mileage out of it.

On moving day, pack your freezer with dry ice. If you are moving an especially long distance, during summer, this tip will help to keep the contents of your freezer from thawing out.

Wrap Your Freezer in Blankets

Once your freezer is packed and ready, wrap it in blankets. This will serve as a further layer of insulation that should keep your freezer from thawing out during the move.

Ensure Your Freezer if the Last Thing on the Moving Truck

Finally, make sure that your freezer is the last item of furniture to go into the removals truck. This will ensure that you can get it out of the truck and into your new house as quickly as possible.

As long as you follow these guidelines when moving your freezer full of food, you will still be able to enjoy a nice hearty meal on the evening of your move. However, here is one final recommendation. Unless your freezer was the right way up, i.e., upright, during the move, you should leave it for at least several hours before turning it on to allow for the oil inside the compressor to settle back to where it should be. Doing otherwise could cause your freezer to break down, and that's a headache you could do without on moving day.