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Understanding the Differences in Commercial Cleaning

When you need to call a company to clean something other than a residential home, you may be surprised at all the options you have for commercial cleaning, and may get a little overwhelmed with your options. It's important to understand how these commercial cleaning companies are all different, as you need to hire the right company for the cleaning that needs to be done; note a few of those differences here so you can hire the best company for your commercial cleaning needs.

Industrial versus office cleaning

An office cleaner may simply wipe down desks, vacuum, empty trash bins, and perform a basic cleaning of the restrooms. This is very different than an industrial cleaning company, which may need to clean out industrial sinks that are full of grease and grime, clean that same grease and grime that has been tracked into the restrooms, and which may need to empty larger trash receptacles that contain more than just waste paper and other office debris.

You may also need specialized industrial cleaning that would include washing out tanks, pressure washing concrete floors, or performing a large scale clean of a dusty and dirty warehouse. Office cleaners don't typically manage these type of heavy-duty cleaning services, so be sure you shop around for industrial cleaners, and for a company that specialises in cleaning these types of items.

Real estate versus new construction cleaning

New construction cleanup usually means picking up scraps that are left behind by the builders, vacuuming and mopping the thick dust that is also commonly left behind after new construction, cleaning up excess grout on windows and tubs, and also cleaning extra grout from tiled floors.

Real estate cleaning usually involves cleaning a home or office or other such area that is for sale. This might mean less vacuuming of heavy dust, but vacuuming furniture to make it look presentable, steam cleaning the carpet to restore the nap and colour, scrubbing the bathrooms to remove mould and mildew, and items like making a bed, straightening up a closet, emptying the trash, and other such tasks that are needed to get an area ready for perspective buyers to walk through.

In both cases, outdoor cleaning and landscaping may be a separate type of service you need. A landscaping or exterior cleanup company may clean construction debris outside a new building, or use a pressure washer to clean off concrete driveways and walkways before a home or other building is put on the real estate market.