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Brisbane Rental Opportunities: Two Points To Consider Before Purchasing Your Next Investment

Not every executive businessman or woman that moves to Brisbane to work has the desire to purchase a home in Queensland. Keep this statement in mind when you are searching out your next investment property, and it could prove to be a lucrative financial move on your part. The following two types of renter should be considered before you make the short list of properties for your next rental investment. When you plan your purchase using this information, you can be sure to land a top tenant without even trying.

The Single Executive

If your target renter is the single executive, you need to purchase an apartment that is located close to the Central Business District. By doing so, you offer the following incentives for this type of tenant to choose your property over others:

  • Easy transport. An executive that is located near the Brisbane CBD does not need to worry about purchasing a car and where they are going to park it. Instead, they will have access to transport by train, ferry, rail, taxi, and bus to get to wherever they need to go. The Brisbane Citycat ferry, for example, runs down the Brisbane river starting at 5.25 am every day. This is a scenic and convenient way for any worker to get to their place of employment each day, and there's not a traffic jam in sight.
  • Dining. There is no shortage of restaurants for the single executive to enjoy after work. From Chinese to modern Australian cuisine, an executive who does not want to cook could eat at a different restaurant every night and still not run out of eating options to choose from.
  • Entertainment. There are as many bars as there are restaurants located in the Brisbane inner city. There are also art galleries, museums, and even war memorials all within walking distance.

These three attractions combined are enough to entice an executive to move into the inner city when everything can be found right outside their front door. The right inner city apartment could fetch you a rental price of over $2,000 per week.

The Family Executive

The family executive, however, has other points in mind when they are looking for a rental property. An apartment in the city is not going to satisfy their needs as much as a house on the outskirts of the city will. To attract the executive with a family, make sure your rental is bought with these top two points ticked off:

  • Children need safe spaces to play. The family executive is going to be looking for a home that is in a safe, low crime area. Upper Kedron is ranked the top Brisbane suburb, and is only 12 km from the city centre. It has a reputation for being peaceful and quiet, while offering plenty of parks and play areas for children to enjoy.
  • Of equal importance to the family executive is the ranking of the schools that surround the rental home they are considering. Brisbane Grammar School, for example, is the top ranking school in Queensland. It is located close to the business district, so houses in the surrounding suburb of Ashgrove are popular for those wanting to enrol their child in this school.

Executives moving to Brisbane are looking for quality properties to rent that will satisfy their daily needs. When you target this type of renter before you even purchase your next investment, you know that placing it in the hands of a specialist property manager will make sure that the home does not remain vacant for long. Your investment property can earn you money faster, and for longer when you put these tips to good use. Contact businesses like Joyce Property Investments for more information.